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Monday 27 April 2009

Cozy Mill Barn

Windmill Barn

I read an article in Range Finder magazine recently about a studio that specializes in architectural photography called Attic Fire, and I was inspired by their approach to architectural photography. So, when I was on holiday in March, I thought I'd see if I could produce an image of the converted barn that we were staying in that was a bit more interesting than the normal straight shot.

The process of creating the final image was as follows:

  • I took a series of photos as the daylight faded into dusk so that I got a range of different lighting effects in the sky and on the barn. I also took a couple of shots in which I lit the side of the barn slightly with an off-camera flash to bring out the detail in the dark wood wall a little. The flash was propped on the roof of my car (well, minibus actually) just off to the left of the photo .
  • When I got back home after the holiday, I chose a selection of the photos (which I had taken in RAW) and processed them into JPEG in DPP (Canon RAW converter).
  • I combined the photos in Photoshop using layer masks to give the photo an overall "glowing" sort of appearance.
  • I made a copy of the flattened image, sharpened it, and overlaid that with a blurred copy of the same image at 15% opacity to give a soft focus effect.
  • Finally I tweaked the saturation a bit with a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer.