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Saturday 31 October 2009

Path to the Red Tree

Path to the Red Tree - Final

This is from a series on photos that I took on a photo expedition to the local park with my sister early one morning this past week. She was in the area, and we wanted to capture some of the autumn (fall) colours.

The version you see above is the final image after post-processing - the remainder of this post shows the original photo out of the camera and brief details of the post-processing that I used to get to the final version.

Wednesday 28 October 2009

Blue Tomato

Blue Tomato

This is an image that I created from a rather deformed tomato that was one of the fruits of the family's tentative adventures into vegetable gardening... Its unusual shape caught my eye, so I thought I'd have a go seeing if I could create something interesting with it. I had also been looking for a good excuse to play with my new Gitzo Explorer tripod :)

This image has obviously been "Photoshopped" - the remainder of this post shows the original, unedited photo along with details of how I arrived at this final result.

Saturday 10 October 2009

Tripod Test / Review

In a slight change from past posts, I thought I'd share the results of some tests that I did on some tripods. The background was that I was looking at getting a new tripod to replace my very old Slik 504QF. I was surprised to find, while doing some searching on the Internet, that although I could find various reviews of different models, I found it really difficult to find any comparisons of shots taken on different tripod models to compare the actual final results. Most reviews were just based on the ease of use, cost, weight, etc. and only general comments on the overall stability.