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Thursday 23 October 2014

Photo 101 - Lesson 8 - The Use of Style

Hopefully by now you are getting the hang of thinking about composition when you take your photos. Maybe you're even getting a bit sick of that topic.

But, sorry, no apology. Oh, hang on, that is an apology! Oh well - what I'm trying to say is, it was deliberate. I've concentrated on composition for this long for a reason.

The word "photography" comes from two Greek words that together literally mean "drawing with light". Concentrating on composition is a good way to start to train yourself to actually think about the fact that what you are doing is creating a work of art. You're drawing. You're painting. You are no longer just taking a snapshot.

But actually, composition is only part of what makes the difference.

The main thing that makes a photo stand out from ordinary ones is what I think is best called "the use of style"...