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Friday, 4 May 2007

Picture Frames


The idea for this came from a similar idea that I had seen somewhere else at some point in the past. I rigged up a white sheet as a background and got each person to sit on the sheet (one at a time) holding a framed picture (borrowed from various walls around the house!). The actual picture in the frame that they were holding didn't matter. Once all the individual photos were taken, I opened them in Photoshop - converted them to black & white (primarily by converting to CMYK and using the K channel mixed with a little of some of the other channels) - and then used "free transform" to transform then so that they fitted into the frame that the other person was holding. I also had to do some erasing of the background here and there to touch things up.

If you've got kids (or know someone who has), then why not give this idea a try yourself - it's not particularly difficult, fun and is a bit different from just a straight family shot.


O n T Schrock said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I just did a version of this shot and put it on my photo blog here:

Mark H said...

Glad you liked it and found it interesting - I like your version as well: lover the way the second youngest is holding the frame! :)

- Mark

[p.s. if you you are able to post a like from yours to mine that would be greatly appreciated :)]