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Monday 11 June 2007

Can You Tell What It Is Yet?


This photo was really the result of two experiments - the first experiment was to set up a camera on a tripod in my car (facing out of the front window) so that I could take a slow-shutter speed picture at night as I drove along. I can't remember exactly what the shutter speed actually was, but it was quite dark and the ISO was quite low, so I ended up with quite a dramatic result in spite of the fact that I was actually driving quite slowly at the time.

The second stage in this image's life came some time later when I was experimenting with curves in Photoshop - I happened to choose this photo to play with and I applied some rather radical curves to it so that all the colours did weird things - like the dark black areas turning that deep red colour.

A bit of fun on two separate occasions, but I quite enjoy the final outcome - just shows that a little experimentation can be good for the creativity occasionally!

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