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Tuesday 17 November 2009


Joyful Celebration
Fountain of Fire Fire Ribbons Blast Off

Here's a selection of fireworks photos - nothing particularly spectacular, just some cheap ones that we got mainly for the kids to see (they love them!).

These were all taken with my normal Canon 350D; Sigma 24-70 f2.8 lens; ISO00; aperture in range f18-f29 and shutter speed 1 to 2s. They were also all on manual exposure and focus modes

There was very little post-processing - nothing to really note here. I took them all in RAW and "developed" them in DPP with just the occasional tweak to the white balance, contrast, etc. where I thought it helped.

They were also all fairly straight shots (using a tripod, obviously) except for the bottom middle one that was taken with the camera set up under the firework itself looking upwards towards it. I did that by rigging up a sort of table using a sheet of glass on some stands. The firework (one of the little fountain ones) was in a flower pot that was placed on the "table". There were also dampened boards around the outsides to protect the camera in case any sparks got blown in from around the edges. I used a radio trigger to fire the camera.

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